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Steel Select

Talent Sourcing

We offer talent sourcing services for our clients, giving them necessary support in filling critical roles efficiently and effectively. This sourcing service covers roles from entry level to very senior/executive level positions. Our highly skilled talent sourcing specialists, with insights and understanding of specific industries and sectors deliver exceptional service to our various clients. We do mass recruitment, executive selection and we head hunt


We have an outsourcing unit that is founded on an exceptional system where HR practices have been efficiently arranged to provide a unified, cost effective outsourcing solution. We act as a “Third Party Service Provider” that recruits, trains, and places employment ready candidates in line with client specifications to meet their needs.

Candidate Verification

Our verification validates the selection process by ensuring that prospective hires are fit for the roles they are to assume. We provide efficient verification services to meet your business needs by leveraging on our network of competent agents, reliable contacts all over the country.

Steel Support

Performance Management and Improvement

Our Performance management and improvement systems are highly-effective, closed-loop systems that drive consistent, persistent and high-quality outcomes through a human resources effort in attaining both individual and corporate targets We provide systems and help guide the HR of your company in ways by which each individual staff takes ownership of what has been placed to achieve

HR Support

We have an HR desk which supports SMEs that do not have an HR unit. We act as the HR and do what the typical HR department would have done by recruiting, setting up policies, culture definition, performance scoring etc


When an organization makes the tough economic decision to lay off employees, any assistance the company provides is appreciated. Our service here specializes in helping employees’ job search following a layoff or job loss. Not just by providing jobs for laid off employees, but by serving as a career guide to help just in case such people want to have a rethink about their career paths.

HR Strategy

Our HR Strategy team helps you align the goals of HR to the goals or strategy of your organisation. We help you strategize your recruitment, retention and termination. In developing a strategy, we ask two critical questions.

  • What kinds of people do you need to manage and run your business to meet your strategic business objectives?
  • What people programs and initiatives must be designed and implemented to attract, develop and retain staff to compete effectively?